carp2Did you know that carpentry has been around since the Stone Age? Wooden bowls, spears, and even coffins have been found at various sites around the world, so it has obviously been a skilled occupation since time immemorial. These days things are a bit more complicated! Carpenters need to know how to work with blueprints and building plans to satisfy clients, put in things like windows, doors, molding, and stairs. They need to be able to work with, cut and measure not only wood, (which is all most of us consider) but metal, plastic, and other materials. So if you ever thought that carpenters were guys who make picture frames or fence posts, think again. They are talented craftsmen who work not only to earn a living but because they love working with their hands and making beautiful things. It’s a profession that is fulfilling for people who take pride in unique handmade products and constantly upgrading their expertise. There are obviously some dangers; if you’re working with saws, hammers, nails, knives, drills and assorted electrical equipment you need to be looking after yourself, but inevitably accidents will occur. It comes with the territory! Some carpenters work for themselves and this is hard; it’s a rough tough world out there! For example, if the economy is bad, if you catch a dose of measles or break your leg, there is no safety net. If you have a glut of work all at the same time, what do you do? There are those who prefer a forty hour week with a steady salary, and who can blame them? The marketplace has room for both. A talent for organizing is needed, and this is an ability that doesn’t necessarily come complete with carpentry skills! (I couldn’t organize my way out of a wet paper bag!) You can learn these at the high school and sharpen them while you learn your trade, though. Maths and art help. Even Noah had to do a bit of measuring!

You will need to know how to handle clients, those necessary but sometimes difficult people who have to be indulged, soothed, placated and ultimatelycarpenter smiling satisfied. Yes, sometimes (a lot of times) they drive you nuts, but they are your bread and butter so all their jokes have to laugh at even if they’re not funny! Seriously, sometimes you can get absolutely pain-in-the-butt people who change their minds after the work is complete. They may even accuse you of being too expensive AFTER they’ve signed on the dotted line! Very exasperating and sometimes expensive, but console yourself with the fact that whatever trade or profession you’re in you’ll never get away from people like this. Sadly they are not an endangered species.

If you’re not self-employed it can be difficult to be hired because many people use sub-contractors, so it helps if you have a large network of family and acquaintances who can help. But it’s an extremely rewarding career, and nothing beats the sheer satisfaction of working with your hands and standing back to look with pride at your finished product – but be warned – it doesn’t come without an awful lot of elbow grease!

4 Common Molding Types

Molding is one of the most used materials in carpentry. It can be made from plastic, wood, metal, or stone that will be a great help for decoration or finishing. It is used for floors, stairs, tables, furniture, and many more.

This infographic will give you more idea on what are the commonly used moldings and what it is for.


I hope this can help you to select what is the best molding for your project!



Obviously, when you consider your tools you want to pay as little as you can for the best you can get, but cheap doesn’t have to mean nasty, just as expensive doesn’t have to mean quality! So how do you strike the right balance? You can visit a lot of hardware stores, trawl round the internet, canvass your best buddies, or have someone do it for you! So let me help you. I’ve taken the best that Amazon can offer with customer reviews and picked out what I’d like to buy!

First of all the cheapest. (Looks good, though!)

Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 Inch. Table Saw 28461 This got rave reviews on Amazon, with a 73% five-star rating and an overall rating of 4.6. Specs:

Weight 50.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 26.9 x 19.8 x 12.9 inches
Item model number 28461
Power Source A.C.
Included Components Bare-Tool

No batteries required.

As one satisfied customer wrote it’s “a beast of a saw!” At around $129, it’s not too shabby on the wallet either!

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity – 120V

Item Weight 53.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches
Origin USA
Item model number DW745
Size 5/8″
Color Yellow
Style Table saw
Power Source power cord
Voltage 220 volts
Wattage 1400.00
Item Package Quantity 1
Included Components bare-tool
Batteries Required? No
Warranty Description 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Free Service Contract, 3 Year Limited Warranty

Free shipping!!!

Not as cheap as the Evolv but has a 77% five-star rating on Amazon and a 4.7 overall score. Negative comments are that it’s a bit heavy and you have to buy the stand separately. At around $300 it’s good value for money

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Technical Details:

Part Number DWE7491RS
Item Weight 110 pounds
Product Dimensions 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches
Origin Taiwan
Item model number DWE7491RS
Color Yellow
Style Table saw/stand
Power Source AC
Item Package Quantity 1
Number of Handles 1
Teeth Per Inch 24 TPI
Cutting Diameter 10 inches
Included Components stand
No batteries required
Warranty Description 3-year limited manufacturer warranty .
Some say that this is rough and lacks accuracy but others love it. Horses for courses!
DEWALT DWE7480XA 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw with Guarding System and Stand.

Item Weight 67.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 26.5 x 25.8 x 17.5 inches
Origin Taiwan
Item model number DWE7480XA
Style With Stand
Item Package Quantity 1
Number of Handles 1
Included Components Stand, Bare-Tool
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Warranty Description 3 year limited manufacturers warranty

This table saw got a 72% five-star rating on Amazon and a 4.6 overall score. One reviewer said it was accurate and increased productivity due to very little downtime. It costs $399, and most buyers seem to think it’s money well spent!

Are you a pro on a budget? Review this saw comparison table. Do yourself a favor and check them out!